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Media Highlights


Launched the Change Challenge on  "NBC6"

(February 2015)














Social Media Correspondent for the CBS show "The Insider"

Invited to help cover the Oscars from the Vanity Fair Social Club through social media outlets.










Ford Fusion Energi Adventure Contest - Top 10

One of the Top 10 Ford contestants out of thousands of entries with her idea to change 5 lives in 5 days.









NBC American Ninja Warrior

2013 Contestant

One of only a handful of women hand picked to compete in one of the world's toughest obstacle courses.

Read full story!  > My American Ninja Warrior experience













The Ricki Lake Show

Fitness Expert and Social Media Community Leader

The show's social media fitness expert leading discussion and answering questions. Appeared on The Ricki Lake Show launching her successful health and fitness program, The Change Challenge!









NBC Miami Moms (TV show)

Fitness Expert

Fitness correspondent and expert for the show discussing topics such as training, workout strategy and nutrition for Moms and the whole family.









CBS Miami

Fitness Expert

Invited to discuss how age effects our body and how exercise can greatly reduce serious health issues.







SELF Magazine


Contributed feature workout for the January Issue 2013


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