It Could Be Your "ELSE" That's Holding You Back From Your Fitness

You're eating healthy, hitting all your workouts but you're just not seeing the results... what gives?

It could be many things but most likely it's your nutrition. Yes, you're eating healthy things, but what ELSE are you eating? It's the "else" that's usually the culprit. The only way to get moving forward is to be completely honest with yourself, after all, your *self* knows what you’re doing, you just have to own up to it.

Where does your “else” hide?

6 Places your "ELSE" Might Be Hiding

1. Eating while watching TV or on the computer.
Being unaware can cause you to lose track of what, and how much you’re eating.  Not only are you unaware of how much food you’ve actually consumed, but being unaware can trick your appetite. Because you don’t fully register *eating*, you may still feel hungry. Either mindfully create a meal to eat with your favorite show, or eat before or after so your brain knows you’ve eaten.

2. Eating off your kids plate
A nugget here, a cookie there, finishing their leftovers. Do this day in and day out and it can add up to lots of extra unneeded calories. Nibbles, bites and finishing-it-off all count.

3. Not paying attention to a serving size
You may look at the calories for something and think, that’s not bad for this whole can/box/bag (which looks like one serving) but you may find it’s actually 2 or 3 servings. So whatever calories is on the package, multiply that by 2 or 3. Another example -  a bowl of cereal isn’t overflowing, it's usually about 1/2 of cup of cereal (sometimes a little more) and 1 cup of milk. Know what a serving size actually is and be aware.  

4. Eating food that's not yours
You're out to eat and you’re careful to order grilled chicken without extra sodium with a side of veggies but then you reach over and finish their potatoes; and you can’t let that roll go to waste, and this is after you’ve finished your meal (or during). Just because it’s not what you ordered, or not on your plate, doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. Those extra potatoes and bread could add up to and extra 300 calories that you’re been working to avoid.

5. Eating straight out of a bag
First, your clean eating nutrition shouldn't have many bagged foods, but if you're treating yourself, don't keep reaching with no end. (see #3). Pour the serving size into a bowl and stick to it. Put the goodies up and away so should you really want more, you'll have to work for it.

6. Restaurant food
Just because it’s chicken and vegetables doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. Restaurants are notorious for adding huge amounts of salt and fat to make food taste good. Cream sauces and vegetables sitting in butter undo the get-ahead health you’re going for. And even though it’s on the “lite” menu doesn’t mean it is. Read closely, ask questions, and know what you’re getting. Remember, eating out is as much about the social aspect as the eating aspect so while you’re trying to make progress, focus on the social aspect.

7. Sugar
It's one of the sneakiest yet most damaging to your body, health and goals. It hides in all kinds of food, from the bread in your sandwhich to the peanut butter in it. And then there's there's the obvious sugar, the kind that's hard to resist. But resist, at least set limits. Say no to the daily treats (sometimes multiple times a day) and you'll see and feel a difference almost immediately. You can indulge, but set the day, time, and amount and stick to it. The bonus is that the less sugar you eat, the less you'll crave it.

Honestly is your best policy. Keep the healthy and get rid of most of the "else."




photo by Thomas Kelley