How Can I Get Myself to Just Do It?

It's not so easy to just make yourself eat well or hit every workout. If it was, you'd already be doing it.

So then you may have to come at it from another direction -


Don't leave it all up to your willpower, set up your life to create your best chances for goal success. Here are a few ideas:


Don't buy the junk food.

Speed right on by it. Don't even bring it in the house. For the kids you say? They don't need it either. If you must, don't buy but a few things and hide it so it's out of arms and eye's reach. There is something to be said about out of sight out of mind.  DO look for yummy healthy alternatives so you don't feel denied. Freeze Greek yogurt and fruit on a stick for a popsicle


Don't come home and plop on the couch.

Once settled in, it's hard to get back up. Instead, go straight to the gym/class OR get up early and hit your workout first thing. • Have Plan A, B, and C workouts ready.
Plan A may be a good solid gym workout or a run. But if it's raining or you have to work late, then you're ready with Plan B, which may be a 30 minute superset/cardio session, and if all else fails, even a 10 minute fast walk around the block, or jump rope intervals are great. Remember, "some minutes working out are better than no minutes working out."


If you have a hard time sticking to a workout, pay for classes or hire a trainer.

There's so more accountability when you use your hard earned money and people are keeping an eye on your success.


Don't rely on anyone else.

That includes you're best friend but flaky workout buddy. You may love to workout with someone and if you have a great workout buddy, great. But if that buddy ends up flaking out more than they show up, go it alone. This is all you. Rely on yourself.

Create an an environment for success.