4 Fitness Strategy "Don'ts"

You can be eating stark white clean and working out until your limbs are numb, but if you don't plan how to actually reach your goals, you're just taking a chance you'll ever really get there.

Eating healthy food doesn't necessarily mean you're guaranteed fitness. You won't see much, if any, muscle growth without the right amount of protein. And you may never improve your run time if you don't strategize your carbs. The way a runner conditions is obviously different than the way a bodybuilder conditions. Their success, as yours, is all in their STRATEGY, which is the right combination of nutrients based on your body, and the right way to work muscles based on your goals and fitness level.

1. Don't copy your friend's workout, or your cousin's boyfriend's sisters meal plan. Your goals are specific to you. If you do copy, go in with the idea that you will have to tinker with it until you find what works for you.

2. Don't try a workout for a week and expect to see results.The kind of results you want won't take a week..or even 2, or 3. The kind of results you want take a commitment.

3. Don't continue if you don't feel well (fatigue, pain) as these may be signs you need to re-think and re-tweek your strategy.

4. Stop at nothing to get your goal. You may get frustrated, wait - you WILL get frustrated, but it's part of the process. Winning isn't easy, it takes work.



Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/49962213@N04/9117215991