20 Things To Start Doing NOW


Happy New Year!

Although you have the power to change at any moment, on any day, there's something refreshing and renewing about a "new year." This year, keep the promises you've made to yourself. This year, shift your MINDSET to shift your life. The way you treat yourself and think about yourself will be the key to the lasting change you want and need.

Starting now...

1. talk nicer to yourself. Mean-talk will never get you where you want to go.

2. let go of the impossible "perfect".

3. be truly *present* in every single one of your moments.

4. look past what you perceive to be your "flaws". You're the only one who sees them.

5. start eating cleaner. Your body and your mood depend on it. 

6. set aside time to workout. Making your body the priority will ensure that all your other goals get accomplished.

7. lower your expectation of how things should be and embrace how they are.

8. stop putting yourself at the end of your list.

9. see your health as your greatest tool to success and put that above all else.

10. filter out anything and anyone who tries to hold you back.

11. count the things you have done, not the things you haven't. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments.

12. stop feeling guilty. Your best IS good enough.

13. listen to your gut. Often times, it whispers so you have to get still and quiet so you can truly hear it.

14. stop comparing yourself to other people. Eyes forward and run your own race. You may think they have it all but they may want the one thing that YOU have.

15. be kinder to other people. Don't look away, be helpful whenever you can - to strangers, store clerks, drivers, friends, etc. The more good you put out, the more you get back and the more it spreads.

16. get more sleep. Depriving yourself of rest doesn't let you get more done, it runs you into the ground until you can get nothing done. The better you feel, the more you accomplish.

17. stop dismissing things you "think" you can't do. There is as much joy in the TRY as the outcome, sometimes more.

18. don't get so focused on "success" that you overlook the important people and moments in your life. Nothing stays the same for long. Stop long enough to enjoy your view.

19. create the happiness you want, don't wait for it. Waiting is standing still and you never get where you want to go standing still. Actively create actions that create your bliss.

20. See yourself as the most important person in your life. If you let everyone go in front of you, you'll never get to ride the ride. This is your time and it's your turn.


And any moment you feel selfish for putting yourself first, remember, the happier and healthier you are, the more love you can give others.

2015 Is YOUR year!


To your health and happiness!